Monday, January 3, 2011

Once Again, it's that time...Time to Vent!

Lot's of things are on my mind... If only I were psychic and had all the answers, life might be a little simpler. Will I ever find an Agent? What am I doing wrong? Those are only two questions I'd answer, if I were all-knowing.

For starters, I've been searching for an agent to represent me in the Literary World, but can't seem to find any that are willing to take a look at my work. I get rejection after rejection and most are form letters or impersonal automated responses via e-mail.

I honestly believe every single agent is looking for the next Stepheie Meyer, and I don't blame them, but they're passing up great writers along the way. Me, for example! :) LOL

It's hard being a writer. Nuff Said!


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