Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Check out the S'nat Wars Video

Interview with a S'nat!

Interview with a S'nat

Interviewer: Today I'm interviewing Fray Matsen, hero of the YA paranormal romance S'nat Wars by the mother/daughter team of Linda Palmer and Julie Kimbrell. To begin, maybe you should tell us what, exactly, a "S'nat" is.

Fray Matsen: "S'nat" is a slang term for a Supernatural. Actually, make that vampire or shapeshifter.

Interviewer: You qualified that rather quickly. Are there other kinds of S'nats out there that we don't know about?

Fray Matsen: Vampires and shapeshifters came out several years ago.

Interviewer: That doesn't really answer my question.

Fray Matsen: I know.

Interviewer: Hm. Tell us about WatchDogs, Inc., the personal protection agency you work for.

Fray Matsen: My dad and his brothers, all shapeshifters like me, own the agency. We're dogs. We also have normal guys working there, too. Dad makes assignments based on the situation.

Interviewer: And what situation brought you to the Daniels' house?

Fray Matsen: Mr. Daniels is a lawyer who represents S'nats in court. Lots of humans hate S'nats, so when he won a high-profile case, someone threatened the family. I was assigned to guard Gabi Daniels, his seventeen-year-old daughter.

Interviewer: What kind of dog do you shift into?

Fray Matsen: A Rottweiler.

Interviewer: Does Gabi like Rotts?

Fray Matsen: I guess. She didn't complain, though she did ask if I could shift into a Chihuahua so she could stick me in her purse when she went to the mall. She was joking, though. At least I think she was.

Interviewer: Did you and Gabi get along, then?

Fray Matsen: Most of the time. She was pretty stubborn and didn't take orders well. Sometimes it seemed like she was deliberately trying to irritate the he-- um, heck out of me.

Interviewer: What did guarding Gabi entail?

Fray Matsen: I spent every second with her Monday through Friday, which meant going to her high school; running, shopping, and eating with her; and even tagging along when she went to a movie with a, um, friend.

Interviewer: Guy or gal?

Fray Matsen: Guy.

Interviewer: You went on a date with her? Wow. I'll bet that was awkward.

Fray Matsen: It wasn't a date, and I went as a Rott and stayed in the back seat so I could watch them.

Interviewer: Watch them?

Fray Matsen: The movie. I watched the movie.

Interviewer: O-kaaay. How did you handle the nights?

Fray Matsen: I slept with her. Well, not with her. I slept nearby...on the a dog. Let me start over. I shifted into a Rott and slept on a rug next to her bed.

Interviewer: I...see. And what about the weekends?

Fray Matsen: My brother Dion took over.

Interviewer: What's that frown about?

Fray Matsen: What frown? I'm not frowning.

Interviewer: My bad. Is there anything you'd like to tell readers?

Fray Matsen: Check out S'nat Wars if you want the whole story. A lot happened, and sometimes it was hard to tell where the threat was really coming from.

Interviewer: Do you still talk to Gabi now that everything is resolved and you've both moved on?

Fray Matsen: You could say that.

Interviewer: What's that grin about?

Fray Matsen: What grin? I'm not grinning.

S'nat Wars blurb:
Everything should've changed the day vampires and shapeshifters came out to the world six years ago, but it didn't--at least not for Gabi Daniels. She still sleeps, eats, runs, and goes to school. And when she's out in public, she still can't tell if the people she passes on the street are humans or actually Supernaturals, a.k.a. S'nats. No one else can, either, which is the problem. If S'nats have actually populated the globe for eons without anyone knowing, what else might be lurking out there, ready to pounce?
Then Gabi's dad, a lawyer, defends a vampire accused of murdering a human. His high-profile win results in threats from S'nat haters. To keep Gabi safe, he hires WatchDogs, Inc., a personal protection agency with bodyguards that actually shapeshift into dogs. Fray Matsen, a Rottweiler, has his work cut out for him and not just because he finds Gabi a big distraction. Is the threat really human? Or could it be S'nats with an agenda of their own? And will his human strength and canine senses be enough to save Gabi when they find themselves face-to-face with the enemy?

Available at: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Allromanceebooks, 1placeforromance, and Smashwords.

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Friday, January 7, 2011

It's Friday...Life is Good!

Well....I woke up this morning...I'm thankful for that!
Actually, I have so much to be thankful for. My husband of 15 years, who did laundry, dishes and cooked an awesome chili last night. My children, who are slightly spoiled ( I blame myself, of course) but very very sweet. My parent's (who I blame for spoiling me) that love me and support me and my family no matter what. They're always on my side! My friends who will go to bingo with me even if they can't afford it and buy Lottery Scratch-offs on the way to bingo, and win enough money to play bingo for the night. LOL


p.s. Mr. Krabs just said he was a chef on the USS Diarrhea (Funny Stuff! Love Spongebob!)

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

In Mourning....

Well, I'm feeling a little sorrow this morning. My little Hoggies just couldn't bring it last night. Mallett isn't aggressive enough, our recievers had butter-fingers and the officials let Ohio State get by with murder.... I've never seen a College coach chest bump his players in celebration of a play....Ummm isn't that a little unprofessional? Oh well, it's over now and time to move on! Hello Tyler....Mallett who?

p.s. Bring on Hogs Basketball


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Go Hogs!

So, I'm from Arkansas. Yes, the south. I'm not a hillbilly or a redneck for that matter, though I know quite a few. :)

I do love the U of A Razorbacks, and I'd like to wish the Hogs luck tonight in their first ever BCS Sugar Bowl appearance. I know they'll represent this state and come home victorious.

On another tangent...My 11-year old just told me, all in the same sentence, she wanted to open a restaurant named "Caterpillars and Cupcakes" and wanted to be doctor because she likes gross things. Hmmm..... I'm not quite sure how to take that, but I'm thankful she's only 11 and has plenty of years to rethink her dreams and the reasons for them. :) LOL



Monday, January 3, 2011

Once Again, it's that time...Time to Vent!

Lot's of things are on my mind... If only I were psychic and had all the answers, life might be a little simpler. Will I ever find an Agent? What am I doing wrong? Those are only two questions I'd answer, if I were all-knowing.

For starters, I've been searching for an agent to represent me in the Literary World, but can't seem to find any that are willing to take a look at my work. I get rejection after rejection and most are form letters or impersonal automated responses via e-mail.

I honestly believe every single agent is looking for the next Stepheie Meyer, and I don't blame them, but they're passing up great writers along the way. Me, for example! :) LOL

It's hard being a writer. Nuff Said!


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